indoor plant research 


I did a brief winter internship at ELEVEN, A Culture of Design in the beginning of 2017. I worked in the research team, using various research methods to motivate new projects. My main project was leading the research effort to identify opportunity areas for OXO, a cooking tool and housewares brand known for their thoughtful and ergonomic design. My final presentation is shown below, where I explain my methodology, findings, and proposed opportunity areas. 


I had two weeks to complete this research project, and had access to limited resources. In order to gain a useful and in-depth understanding of the relationship between people and plants, a survey and interview approach was used. The surveys allowed for a broader audience response, while the interviews provided more depth to people who valued their relationship with their plants. Using the 35 responses from the online survey and 8 interviews, I turned the findings into a journey map representative of two different personas with different experience levels with plants. With entire process in mind, I delved into market research to identify spaces where I believe OXO products would be successful, based on their current product line, company branding, and material/manufacturing capabilities. 

I was mentored by Jen DiMase (ELEVEN) throughout this process.