hammond pond adventures / minitar 1 lens test

Finally got a chance to wander off campus for a bit during the long weekend. We went to Hammond Pond to catch some fall colors, and I got to test out the new Lomo LCA Minitar 1 Lens. Honestly, I would normally not go for the Lomo lens scene, but this lens was interesting because it's tiny, had promising quality from the shots I found online, yet has a unique look to it. It reminds me a lot of shooting film, which I haven't been able to bring myself to shoot lately. I'm forced to use this lens completely manually, and take more time to compose and construct my shots. It's quirky and does some weird things sometimes, but I'm overall quite impressed by the results from it. 


The blurriness and vignetting is a little exaggerated, but is a distinct quality of this lens. 

There's obvious lens flare here, but I find it more endearing than frustrating. 

Overall, it was really relaxing to get off campus and experience a bit of nature, even just for an hour. 

Good old Instax Mini always relevant

Good old Instax Mini always relevant