young blood, large apertures, haircuts

Random updates in an attempt to blog even when I don't have super deep thoughts or profound experiences.

I got a new lens for my Fuji that I'm super excited about. 

Backstory: I used to shoot full-frame Canon and saved up for like a year of undergrad side-job money to buy a Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art lens. That thing was beautiful (and very heavy). Full frame + large aperture just has this quality to it...the shallow DOF and slight vignetting of it was so lovely. I missed that lens the most when I left DSLR land...well, it was probably the only thing I missed at all.

I love my small Fuji lenses a lot - basically all the f/2 "Fujicrons" are great to shoot with, but I've been eyeing some large aperture lenses to see if the full frame look could be replicated on these bodies. I also didn't want to drop like $1k on anything, and I came across Zhongyi Mitakon, which makes some nice metal manual focus lenses. 35mm f/0.95 for less than $500? Count me in (I may have sold my X70 to not feel guilty about it but it's fine).

2018-03-12 08.42.14 2.jpg

I've had it for only a week but I've loved playing with it. I actually like it so much that I'll probably sell my 35mm f/2 and just keep the 23mm f/2 for the Fuji-ness (this is also my favorite focal length). I don't mind manual focusing at all, and the stopless aperture will come in handy for video work if I ever do start doing that. 

2018-03-15 08.25.39 5.jpg
2018-03-15 08.25.38 2.jpg


Other things? I decided to chop off 80% of my hair. I feel like there is some stigma of female hair chopping where people perceive that girls do it when they've experienced something traumatic or are going through some sh** (and sometimes that's true), but it was a lot less dramatic for me. I realized I haven't had short hair since I was made fun of for looking like a boy (and having a completely awful bowlcut in 2nd grade), and it seemed like a fitting thing to do now before I got too old to be cool (is that a thing?) or old enough that it had to be short to look decent. 

Anyway, I cut it off this week - the most notable things are that it's a lot colder than I expected, bed head is hard to deal with, and short hair dries incredibly fast. Also it stays the way I style it in the morning, which my long hair never did. And I feel like some people don't like it but they don't really know how to say anything (or nothing?) tactically, so that can be awkward but I don't mind. THIS ISN'T FOR YOU. I JUST WANTED TO TRY IT. DAMN. 

Here's a moody, poorly edited photo. Looking in the mirror is still a bit jarring but I like it. 

2018-03-15 07.17.09 2.jpg