rocketfuel / film photos

After a year or two of shooting film intermittently (and not very seriously), I finally got all of 6 rolls developed. Film development is now quite expensive ($74 for 6 rolls?!), but the results are always worth it. I forgot that I shot two rolls of film on the Olympus XA4 in Banff while I was there in June - one of the rolls came back this time, but the other roll of Ektar is still in my freezer (!).


I also got a few rolls back of B&W and Superia 400 from the Contax G1 and the 28mm lens. I forgot how much I love the feel of pretty much every photo from the Contax. It's indescribable.


I had been contemplating selling the Contax kit, but I'm pretty much convinced now that I'm shooting this thing until it dies.


I shot/developed my first roll of BW film in a really long time. I've lost touch with film in the past few months, but it was nice to be back in the dark room. 

This is a really inspirational film I stumbled upon yesterday, which reminds me of the deep satisfaction I once found in examining and repairing old cameras. Definitely makes me nostalgic and miss my small collection of analog cameras at home.