teamwork makes the dreamwork

I spent the past weekend in New York in the company of someone who never ceases to surprise me. I'm honestly not a huge fan of New York, but this weekend was pretty fat, lovely, and unforgettable. 

Of course the first thing seen is a tragically abandoned baby doll at an intersection... We got lunch at Terri, a vegan/kosher fast food restaurant. I had the buffalo chicken sandwich. Strawberry smoothie very on point. 


We wandered around a few museums, but sadly no photos. Highline! 


Dinner was eaten at Palà Pizza. Nice pizza place with delicious vegan options in a garage? Seems very New York. 


After dinner and a bit of wandering, we arrived at Brooklyn Bridge Park (I think?) right at sundown. It was misty, foggy, and a little bit eerie, but city lights at night are always awe-inspiring. So are vegan maple donuts. 


The day ended in torrential disgusting New York downpour. I had a "rain jacket" but it really didn't do anything. Shoes were soaked, pants were soaked, backpack was soaked, but spirits could not be ruined. 

Day 2 began in Chinatown, on a mission to consume all the vegan dimsum. 


So much deliciousness. Post food-coma was spent at B&H Photo nerding out about all the camera things (the Fujifilm X-Pro2 is so beautiful wow). Short pitstop in Central Park. 

The walk from Central Park towards the bus stop on 34th was filled with chai tea, sky shots, and Blossom du Jour. 


Quite a wonderful weekend, thank you New York (but not really New York, except the food maybe).