about me

I'm a recent graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where I studied human-centered design and anthropology. I currently work as a design strategist at Altitude Inc., a product innovation firm in the Boston area. Photography, travel, and observation have been my passions since I discovered my parents old film SLR camera in the beginning of high school, but engineering and design have been core interests since I discovered my first LEGO bricks as a toddler. Since then, through my project experiences and anthropological studies, I've learned to search for the "why" in addition to the "how" in my research, design, and engineering.

Fusing my diverse interests, I hope to be able to use a genuine connection with people and human-centered design to create products and experiences that can help, inspire, and empower others. I am passionate about food and environmental issues, and I want my work to reflect these passions. 

In a nutshell, I'm a music fanatic, a global adventurer, an avid reader, and a tinkerer. My daily interests include playing guitar, biking, longboarding, playing basketball, reading, writing, discovering/cooking good vegan food, and hiking.  I love building things, learning, experimenting, and finding creative solutions to challenging problems around the world.