about me

I'm a recent graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where I studied human-centered design (within the department of mechanical engineering) and anthropology. I currently work as a design strategist at Altitude Inc., a product innovation firm in the Boston area.

The majority of my interests are tied to my love for observation, human connection, and storytelling. I picked up a film camera in high school, and sought to document the collective moments to tell my own story and the stories of the people I've had the privilege of crossing paths with. Studying product design provided me with tools to turn people's problems into tangible solutions through an understanding of their personal narratives and motivations. As a result of project experiences, anthropological studies, and deep personal curiosities, I've learned that there is nothing more satisfying for me than constantly trying to understand the unique experiences, needs, and characteristics of individuals, societies, and humankind. 

My enjoyment for learning is boundless. Being able to absorb, distill, and apply new knowledge is what gets me up in the morning. Although I'm no longer in an academic environment, I strive to learn more about the world around me every day. Currently, I'm working on a two year reading project to understand agriculture and sustainability, as well as the impact that our food production methods have on human health. Additionally, I'm interested in behavioral economics and understanding more about how humans make decisions in the real world. I believe that deep cross-disciplinary knowledge is critical in effective problem solving and implementing change. 

Beyond these more structured forms of learning, I'm interested in narratives in the context of photography, film, and journalism. Storytelling is a powerful tool, and while I am currently working in the product design space, I hope to apply my qualitative experience to different mediums in the future. 

My daily interests include playing guitar, biking, longboarding, playing basketball, reading, writing, discovering/cooking good vegan food, and hiking.